The Solomon City Council is authorized and empowered to make regulations concerning determination of those times and places during which parking shall be unlawful at any time or for any length of time; designating through highways and streets, not including main traffic ways; designating limited-parking zones, both as to time and as to type of vehicles; designation of stop intersections, yield intersections, one-way streets, no-parking zones, angle-parking zones, loading zones, taxi stand zones, crosswalks and safety zones, play streets and alleys, zones of quiet, zones restricting overtaking and passing, traffic lanes, maximum speed zones, intersections at which no right turn, left turn or U-turn may be made at any time or only at certain times, and any other regulations designating areas or zones of restricted limited stopping, standing parking, turning, passing, speed or operation of vehicles in accordance with such regulations.

Upon making such regulation or regulations, the Solomon City Council shall direct or cause traffic-control devices to be properly posted or installed, advising the public of such regulation.

Violations of parking ordinances set forth in the “Standard Traffic Ordinance” may be handled with a notice to appear through the Municipal court using the current fine schedule set by the Municipal Court Judge; or, may be handled in a non-municipal court fashion by having an officer affix a $15.00 parking ticket to the offending vehicle. If after 15 days the offender has failed to pay a $15.00 fine, a NTA will be issued and the violation will be handled through the Municipal Court using the Municipal Judge’s fine schedule.

(Ord. 575; Code 2007)

(a)   The following school zones are hereby established:

(1)   Walnut Street from Sixth Street to William Street;

(2)   William Street, from Oak Street to Walnut Street;

(3)   Seventh Street from Oak Street to Poplar Street;

(4)   Pine Street, from Sixth Street to public school grounds parking lot;

(5)   Poplar Street, from north flasher to south flasher;

(6)   Fourth Street, from east flasher to west flasher.

(b)   The speed limit along any street designated as a school zone shall be a maximum of 20 miles per hour between designated hours set by traffic signs and flashers in areas.

(Ord. 302, Sec. 2; Code 1990, 15-201)

For the purpose of establishing speed limits other than those specified for districts or locations by the Standard Traffic Ordinance, the maximum speed limits (in miles per hour) for streets shall be as follows:





Speed Limit

North Poplar

South exit/entrance

Williams St.

30 mph

Ramp of I-70 Highway


(Ord. 654; Code 2016)

(a)   It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or halt any vehicle in such a manner as to indicate a careless or heedless disregard for the rights or the safety of others, or in such a manner as to endanger or be likely to endanger, any person or property.

(b)   Every person convicted of careless driving shall be punished as provided by section 187 of the Standard Traffic Ordinance incorporated by section 14-101.

(Ord. 292, Sec. 1,2,3; Code 1991, 15-203)

The governing body may designate by ordinance through streets or stop and yield intersections on other streets, and may determine at which entrance or entrances stop or yield signs shall be erected and maintained. When signs are erected giving notice thereof, drivers of all vehicles shall stop or yield as the sign directs before entering any through street or any such intersection.

(Code 1982; Code 1991, 15-204)

The following streets are hereby designated as through streets. Drivers of all vehicles shall stop or yield as the sign directs at every intersection before entering any of the following streets:

(a)   Fourth Street, from west city limits to east city limits;

(b)   Main Street, from Chestnut Street to Pine Street;

(c)   Poplar Street, from north city limits to Fourth Street;

(d)   William Street, from Poplar Street to Oak Street;

(e)   Oak Street, from William Street to Fourth Street;

(f)   200 Block of S. Poplar;

(g)   100 Block of W. 1st;

(h)   100 Block of E. 1st.

(Ord. 237; Code 1990, 15-205; Ord. 625; Code 2016)

It shall be unlawful for any person to park any vehicle used for the transportation of livestock, gasoline or other flammable liquid in any driveway or yard within 50 feet of any dwelling occupied by any person or family other than the person or family of the person owning or using such vehicle.

(Ord. 239; Code 1991, 15-210)

(a)   Except as provided in subsection (b), no person or operator of a truck with a manufacturer’s rated capacity of two (2) tons or more, transport, truck tractor, semi-trailer, commercial trailer not motorized, farm tractor, or mobile home shall park the vehicle or otherwise leave the same unattended on any residential street in the City of Solomon, Kansas for longer than a two (2) hour period; provided, however that nothing herein shall deny the right to park any such vehicle for emergency refueling, making an emergency repair, or when more than two (2) hours is necessary for the prompt and continuous loading or unloading of cargo; provided further, that the vehicle shall be promptly moved upon the completion of such emergency refueling, emergency repair or loading or unloading of cargo. Nothing herein shall prevent a person or operator of a truck, transport, truck tractor, semi-trailer, commercial trailer not motorized, farm tractor, or mobile home from parking on privately owned property in an area zoned commercial or industrial within the city limits.

(b)   No person or operator of a motor home, fifth-wheel, travel trailer, camper or other type of recreational vehicle shall park the said vehicle or otherwise leave the same unattended on any street in the City of Solomon, Kansas for longer than a thirty-six (36) hour period.

(c)   The Governing Body of the City of Solomon, Kansas shall place and maintain such traffic control devices upon the streets under its jurisdiction, as it deems necessary to indicate and to carry out the provisions of this section.

(d)   It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to park vehicles as set forth in this section, and any person convicted of a violation of this Section shall, on first conviction thereof, be punished by a fine of not more than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00). For a second conviction within one (1) year thereafter, such person shall be punished by a fine of not more than Two Hundred dollars ($200.00). For a third or subsequent conviction within a one (1) year period, such person shall be punished by a fine of not more than Three Hundred dollars ($300.00).

(e)   For the purposes of this section, residential street shall be defined as any street of which 50 percent or more of the property abutting the street within the block is zoned for residential use.

(Ord. 407, Secs. 1:2; Code 1991, 15-212; Ord. 662; Code 2016)

No person shall use, operate, or park a vehicle with a registered weight of 16,000 pounds or more upon Chestnut Street from Fourth Street to Seventh Street in the city.

(Ord. 471, Sec. 1; Code 1991, 15-214)

(a)   The speed limit on Pine Street north of the East 7th Street and Pine Intersection shall be 15 Mile Per Hour. Notwithstanding the established speed limits of 20 MPH in other designated school areas.

(b)   The designated area of reduced speed is described as beginning at the intersection of East 7th Street and Pine Street, north on Pine Street including the school parking lot on or adjacent to such street. This reduced speed limit of 15 Miles Per Hour shall not be limited to school days or hours.

(c)   Any person convicted of violating any section of this section shall be punished in the same manner as provided in the Penalty Section of the currently approved Standard Traffic Ordinance for Kansas Cities.

(Ord. 563; Code 2007)